Welcome to Awesome BodyWork’s Frequently asked Questions page!

Below is a list of common questions and their answers. A great place to get a quick answer to questions a lot of people ask. If you don’t see the information you were looking for, ask!  Please submit your questions using form to the right. Your question and it’s answer may appear below to help others.

It’s my first time. What should I expect?

For your first massage, the most important thing is to relax! You should arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out health history form and complete a consultation with your massage therapist. Your MT will ask questions about how you are feeling, what areas of you body have tension, whether you want specific bodywork or just want to relax. Your MT will leave the room as you undress and get onto the massage table under the sheet or towel. Throughout the massage you will be comfortably draped, with only the area being worked on being exposed. Your MT will check in with you about your comfort level, pressure, warmth etc. Feel free to talk and ask questions during the massage, and if anything is uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to speak up.

What kind of massage should I get?

Often the best place to start is with a relaxing Swedish massage. The lighter pressure and flowing strokes in this style feels great and allows the mind to slow down while gently releasing stress and tension. If you find that you have pain and tension in a particular area, therapeutic techniques such as trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage will help to alleviate those problems. Each massage is individually customized to your needs. During your consultation, your MT will work with you decide which direction to go.

What is deep tissue or therapeutic massage?

The term “deep tissue” simply means that the therapist will use enough pressure to affect the underlying tissue below the skin, and outermost layers of muscle. The deeper the layer of muscle, the more pressure must be used. It is a common misconception that deep tissue massage is painful. It can produce a level of discomfort, but should never be actually painful. Therapeutic massage can be any form of soft tissue manipulation intended to improve the condition of that tissue. Therapeutic most often describes a massage which is more focused on releasing muscle tension or “working out knots” than it is relaxation. Deep tissue techniques are very commonly used in a therapeutic massage for their effectiveness in releasing tension.

I had a bad experience with pain and soreness after a massage. How do I avoid that?

Massage should never leave you in pain or with excessive soreness. Sometimes, after receiving deep tissue bodywork, the muscles can be sore, but it should be similar to an after-workout soreness. After receiving bodywork, it is important to stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water to help the body rehydrate the muscles. Do gentle stretches to keep the muscles loose and mobile. These things will help alleviate any minor soreness after your massage.

What do I wear? 

During the massage, the client is always appropriately draped to maintain their comfort and modesty. Under the drape you can be fully undressed, or may wear underwear or gym shorts etc. whatever makes you most comfortable. You will be draped comfortably with a towel or sheet.

Is your massage “sensual”?

Awesome BodyWork does not offer “sensual” or erotic massage. Massage inherently stimulates the senses, but is not intended to be erotic or sexual in any way.  We understand the intimate nature of massage. Our goal is to educate clients and help them to enjoy the sensory experience of massage, while maintaining professional and ethical boundaries by not engaging in any sexual conduct.

What if I become aroused during the massage?

This is a very normal and natural physiological reaction. During a massage, the mind slows down as the body relaxes, and the body begins to react to the stimuli it receives without a conscious filter. It simply means that you are relaxed and that the massage feels good. There is no need to be concerned or embarrassed. It happens all the time.