At Awesome Bodywork we strive to provide consistent service with unwavering professionalism. To allow this to happen, we must adhere to the Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics as laid out by the North Carolina Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

We also ask that our clients adhere to our cancellation policy below. Our cancellation policy exists to protect the livelihood of the massage therapist and to help ensure compensation for their time. It is very difficult to fill a spot in the schedule when there’s a last minute cancellation. If we can’t work, we don’t get paid.


When booking an appointment, the client agrees that he or she will be responsible for showing up on time and keeping the appointment. Any appointment reminders or confirmations from Awesome Bodywork are a courtesy to the client. The absence of any such reminder or confirmation does not release the client of their responsibility to keep their appointment. If for any reason the client is not able to keep his or her appointment, the client is responsible for providing ample notice to cancel or reschedule, barring emergencies and illness. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of appointment time. Cancellations of any appointment within 24 hours prior to appointment time require payment of a $25 cancellation fee due on or before the next appointment. Cancellation of an out-call appointment within 2 hours of appointment time will be analogous to a “no-show”.  Missing an appointment without notifying Awesome Bodywork is considered a “No-show” and requires payment of the value of the scheduled service in full due on or before the next appointment. Appointments cancelled within the 24 hours prior to scheduled time may be rescheduled to avoid the cancellation fee; rescheduling must occur that same day.

If for any reason, including emergencies and illness, Awesome Bodywork cannot keep an appointment with a client, ample notice of 24 hours must be given to the client. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time will result in a credit of 50% of the value of the scheduled service (not including travel fees) towards his or her next appointment.