Therapeutic Massage


The Basics
60 Minute Massage
Say hello to the whole body, or focus on one or two areas of concern.
90 Minute Massage
Plenty of time to say hello to the whole body and address one or two specific issues.
2 Hour Massage
A full 2 hours of Awesome Bodywork! Enough time to thoroughly cover the entire body.
Energy work therapy including Reiki, grounding breath work and intuitive space holding to facilitate flow and release of energy.
Available as an add-on, 60 or 90 minute session.
Thai Foot Massage
Ancient Thai massage and reflexology techniques.
Available as an 30 min add-on, or 60 minute session

What is Massage?

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healthcare.  The healing power of touch has long been revered for its ability to reduce pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and improve joint movement. A simple touch from another person can have resounding positive effects on one’s mood and state of mind. This combined with the benefits of soft tissue manipulation to release tension in the muscles provides a holistic healing experience.  Massage styles include the relaxing Swedish massage consisting of long, slow, flowing strokes with light to medium pressure. Deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure with strokes, compressions and other techniques in specific targeted areas.

What can it do?

Massage is wonderful in the way it can provide instant relief and long term benefits. Pain relief, improved range of motion, better sleep and overall elevated sense of well-being are just a few of the benefits.

What does Awesome Bodywork do?

I take the time to find out your specific goals as a client. During the consultation before each massage we will discuss your goals and what areas of your body need treatment.  Whether you’re coming for stress relief or need intensive treatment for chronic pain, each of your sessions will be customized to you needs.

What to expect

Awesome Clients can expect a welcoming, laid back environment and a friendly massage therapist. A heated table and comfortable draping ensure that you’re totally relaxed and able to receive the most benefit from bodywork. My intuitive touch and gentle approach, even with hard core deep tissue work, means you’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not like you’ve been beat up. Hot towels are available to wipe down and freshen up, if you unfortunately have to go back to work after your session. Bottled water is provided to help you rehydrate as the body flushes out all the toxins and lactic acid loosened up during the massage.