Body Trimming
Yep, Manscaping! Simply taking some of the length off of your body hair can make a world of difference giving you a cleaned-up look without completely sacrificing your natural, sexy masculine appearance. It works on all parts of your body. Chest, arms, legs, butt, belly, and your bits below the belt. A little trim can define and enhance your best features. 

Body trimming is done with a simple set of clippers. It’s very safe, quick and painless, and its a good place to start for those new to body grooming.  During your consultation we’ll decide the length and style that best suits you.

Hair Removal

We offer the age old treatment, body sugaring. Developed in ancient Egyptian and Arab culture, body sugaring is more effective and more hygienic than shaving or waxing. Similar to waxing, sugaring removes the hair completely by the root. It is gentler and more effective than waxing because the hair is pulled ‘with the grain’ in the same direction as hair growth. This allows for less skin irritation and less hair breakage. The sugar paste used is made out of regular sugar. It is 100% natural, non-toxic and even edible! It is also very safe because it can be used at room temperature. It does not adhere to the skin like wax. It will only adhere to hair and dead skin. The skin feels amazingly smooth after body sugaring!
The effects typically last 4-6 weeks, providing overall diminishing hair growth with continued treatments. The hair will come back thinner and finer with each treatment. 


Simply shower beforehand and thoroughly cleanse the area to be sugared. Gently exfoliate with a washcloth or shower puff. There is no need to trim hair before sugaring, and it can be done at hair lengths as short as 1/4 inch. However, pre-trimming can help, and it works best with at least 1/2 inch in length. 


The area will be cleansed with witch hazel, allowed to dry and cornstarch applied as needed to remove any remaining moisture. The sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and removed with a quick pull in the direction of hair growth. Yes, it does hurt a little, like a band-aid, but it’s well worth the lasting effects.

After Care

Keep the area clean and dry. Exfoliate the area gently when bathing.  Change into fresh dry clothes after exercise or any time they become damp or wet with sweat. If necessary apply witch hazel or other gentle astringent to cleanse the area. If bumps appear, continue to exfoliate to allow ingrown hairs to emerge.

What to expect during a body grooming session

Body grooming is obviously a very intimate business. For this reason, you can expect the highest level of respect and professionalism. Your safety, comfort and modesty are at the top of the priority list. My private office is a judgment free zone. All body types are beautiful and welcome. The goal is to get you looking and feeling your best.

Some services can be performed partially clothed or draped, other services require you to be fully exposed. We’ll work together throughout the entire process to make sure you are completely comfortable.

Grooming is a hands-on job. Throughout your session, all contact will be conducted carefully and respectfully to ensure your comfort.